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Prasad — New Kirtan CD from Uma & Friends!
"Uma Reed gets into your heart with this kirtan! She sings to God sweetly but powerfully." — Ram Dass

: grace; a gift from God; an offering made to the Divine, which is then distributed to devotees as a blessing.

Our latest CD contains seven original kirtan songs, written by Uma Reed and Matt Packard. We strive to remain true to the time-honored tradition, spirit, and practice of kirtan, while offering the songs in our own style. On this album, we were blessed to include the exceptional musical talents of several friends including Jai Uttal, Geoffrey Gordon, and Ashana Sophia, as well as the engineering wizardry of award-winning producer/engineer Ben Leinbach.

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Track 1: Bholenatha 7:26
Track 2: Krishna Keshava 6:59
Track 3: He Ram 7:29
Track 4: Namah Shivaya 7:27
Track 5: Mata Jayanti 5:13
Track 6: Radhe Radhe Radhe 7:04
Track 7: Devi Pahimam 5:41

With this, our first CD, we invite you to join us as we pranam (bow) to the all-pervasive, loving Presence within. The songs on this album were recorded live during several kirtans with a small group of friends, raising voices and sharing hearts as we chanted the Divine Names together.

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Track 1: Nanda Gopala
Track 2: Radharani Ki Jai
Track 3: Govinda Jaya Jaya
Track 4: Guitar & Tabla Duet
Track 5: Namah Parvati
Track 6: Jai Jai Ganga Ma
Track 7: Twameva

Shakti Spirit: Live at Open Secret
Kirtan leaders Uma Reed, Diana Rogers, Sita Jamieson, and Carolyn Ross joined together for one magical evening. The decision to record the event was made at the last minute, with minimal equipment at hand – so the spirit of a "live" kirtan comes through. We invite you to raise your voice and sing along with us as we journey through the spiritual cosmos in praise of the Divine.

Purchase the CD or individual tracks

Track 1: Radha Ramana Hari
Track 2: Jaya Mata Kali Mata / O Mata
Track 3: He Bhavani He Kalyani
Track 4: Radhe Bolo / Devakinandana
Track 5: Raghupati Raghava Raja Ram
Track 6: Amba Amba
Track 7: Sita Ram / Sri Ram Jai Ram
Track 8: Jai Ma
Released 2005. © Uma Reed & Diana Rogers
“Keep God in your heart like you keep money in a safe.” — Neem Karoli Baba